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How to Backup your Info, So you don’t lose Data.

How to Backup your Info, So you don’t lose Data.

For the ultimate backup to know your info is safety, choose three methods and use them concurrently. For example, use an off-site cloud storage service, local and external backup.  That way, if either fails, you still have a backup.
Backup it in the Cloud
What is Cloud Storages?
Cloud storage services are all the rage now and for good reasons. The best of them offer end-to-end encryption of your data to keep it safe, along with some free storage space and reasonable fees for additional space. They are accessible by both computers and mobile devices wherever you are.
Cloud Storages we suggest

One Drive
OneDrive is an Internet-based storage platform with a significant chunk of space offered for free by Microsoft to anyone with a Microsoft account. Think of it as a hard drive in the cloud, which you can share, with a few extra benefits thrown in. One of the primary benefits: OneDrive hooks into Windows 10, at least in fits and starts

Google Drive
Google Drive is Google’s cloud service that enables you to store and synchronize your files for easy backup and access from multiple devices, such as your desktop computer, your smartphone, and your tablet. You can also use Google Drive to collaborate with others, sharing documents and allowing others to edit them in real time.

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Save It on an External Hard Drive
External and portable hard drives connect to one computer at a time. They are usually wired devices, although some have wireless capabilities. Many external and portable drives now come with USB 3.0 capabilities, but your computer must also have USB 3.0 to take advantage of this feature.

Burn it on an CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc
Once the gold standard in data backup, burning data to CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs is now a much less popular, albeit still reliable, a method of data backup.
Save It to a NAS Device
A NAS (network attached storage) is a server that’s dedicated to saving data. It can operate either wired or wirelessly—depending on the drive and your computer— and once configured, it can display as simply another drive on your computer.
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